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The Body in Balance Studio is a fully equipped Pilates centre in Berlin’s popular Bergmannkiez.  You’ll find our loft in one of the traditional buildings which characterise this historical area of Berlin Kreuzberg. Think lots of natural light and attention to detail – this is a beautiful place to experience the power of intelligent movement!

Pilates Personal Training

We offer private or semi-private sessions using the full range of traditional Pilates apparatus, including reformer, cadillac, wunda chair, ladder barrel, spine corrector, baby chair, and the pedipul.   We will create a challenging and effective exercise programme, designed to help you reach your movement goals. Your session can be arranged individually by phone or email, at a day and time which suits your schedule. Or use the contact form below to get in touch!

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Pilates Group Training

We also offer dynamic group training classes 7 days a week, and low class numbers ensure that you still receive personal attention.  Class formats include reformer, tower, wunda chair, and matwork. Each class has a different focus and intensity.

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What is Pilates?

Pilates is an integrated exercise system which develops the body uniformly and restores natural movement patterns. Fitness studios are filled with equipment designed to make muscles work harder. The spring-based Pilates apparatus is unique however, helping you to harness the power of conscious breathing and activate intrinsic muscle groups effectively.

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Our group classes

For convenience you can book and pay for your group classes using our online class schedule and integrated booking system. Just take a few moments to set up your account here: account.
If you’re new to the pilates equipment you’ll find brief descriptions of our classes below. Beginners should look for a level 1 class, and those with experience can try the level 2 classes in our class schedule Just click on the class that interests you.


Work your whole body and enjoy a dynamic workout on the Reformer, whatever your level of experience. Your deep muscles are engaged to stabilise the spine and joints, as you articulate and flow through exercises in all planes of movement. As well as lengthening and strengthening your muscles, reformer classes help to release unnecessary tension in the body, making everyday movements easier and more efficient. For group reformer classes, the studio is equipped with 8 special-edition Merrithew professional reformers.


You will use conscious breathing as you learn to move your body with joint integrity, emphasising good biomechanics and healthy patterns of spinal articulation. The tower bar and springs can be used to provide support or to increase resistance, so a healthy sweat-factor can be expected – the perfect recipe for a happy body and a happy mind!

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Wunda Chair

Joe Pilates designed the Wunda Chair as a complete “home gymnasium” to give everyone access to Pilates! Exercises range from beginner to very advanced, with many exercises in sitting or standing – a good choice if you switch off as soon as you lay down! The chair class provides an optimal environment for functional training at all levels. You’ll definitely “feel the burn” whilst developing strength, coordination and balance (and we love the shoulder stretches and chest openers!)

Dynamic Jumpboard Reformer

Dynamic Jumpboard is a low impact cardio-workout that you do lying down. The jumpboard attaches to the Reformer and takes gravity out of the equation – but low-impact does not mean low intensity! You will definitely raise your heart rate and burn calories in this joint-friendly class. The supine position helps you maintain optimal spinal alignment but make no mistake – this class offers a great challenge for the core. You may be lying down but you are not taking a rest! Not suitable for those who do not have reformer experience.