The “Body in Balance Studio” in Berlin is the host location for our independent teacher training programme, run by Master Trainer Joanna Mountifield. During the two decades we have been offering comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training in Berlin, we have earned an unparalleled reputation for teaching expertise. In 2006, the “Body in Balance Studio” was one of the founding institutions of the German Pilates Association, and all courses are recognised by the Deutsche Pilates Verband. Completion of the course is recognised by the Pilates Method Alliance for applications to sit the Nationally Certified Pilates Instructor exam, the only independent qualification recognised worldwide.

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In a market which has become flooded with training providers in recent years, it can be difficult to choose the right training for you. There are so many options, and they vary greatly in terms of quality, content and duration. We  would like to share some of the things that we believe set our training program apart.

Our Comprehensive Teacher Training includes beginer to advanced repertoire on the reformer, cadiallac (or tower), wunda chair, ladder barrel, spine corrector, pedi-pul, and mat. The courses are structured to facilitate an understanding of the relationships between the different apparatus, and between the exercises on the equipment and on the mat. “Contrology” is the exceptional and multi-faceted result of a dedicated life’s work. It would be a tragedy to break it into pieces and lose sight of the threads that run through the whole system!

Students will be provided with the tools to work with the body in front of them, curating personalised programmes which meet the specific needs of each client. You will be prepared to teach clients and group classes of all levels competently. Transforming movement patterns and encouraging a positvie relationship with the moving body has the potential to change a client’s life for the better.

Groups are small to ensure a relaxed teaching environment. Our goal is to encourage potential teachers to discover their own, individual teaching voice through a journey of exploration! A wide range of both classical and modern pilates equipment is available for our students to use for the duration of their training, at no extra cost. Our training rooms are equipped with 8 Towers, 9 Reformers, 7 Wunda Chairs, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Pedi Pul etc., offering our participants and future trainers an ideal opportunity to practice and internalize the course content.

The course includes a high number of face-to-face seminar hours. You will have the opportunity to learn from a highly experienced trainer with almost 25 years of national and international teacher teaching experience. Joanna has worked as a Principal Educator internationally, leading courses in the UK, Switzerland, Austria, and throughout Germany

The course aligns closely with the course content and duration recommended by the Pilates Method Alliance™ for comprehensive teacher training. The pace and duration of the course allow that content to be fully absorbed and processed by participants at a sustainable pace. Seminars are held bilingually in German and English with the necessary teaching materials available in either language. All manuals are included in the price of the training.

The in-depth Pilates training on all of the studio equipment with you in Berlin, the genuinely small group, the exceptional support and extra assistance given to me as a commuter (even via Skype!) - all of this really helped me to progress in my work as a Pilates teacher. What did I value most, in addition to the above? The many functional references, and great attention paid to contraindications. The comparisons made between the classical Pilates exercises designed by Joseph Pilates, and modified exercises which reflect our current understanding based on sports science, fascial theory and practice, and medical innovations. The many observation and teaching hours are of lasting benefit for your own teaching.

reEnaio von Kristina DietrichDie Pilatisten in Leipzig

Information and Schedule

Comprehensive Teacher Training – Intensive Module Format over 6 Months

All 2024 Programmes are fully booked

1. Series 2025:   24.-27. January,  28. Feb-3.March, 4.-7. April, 16.-19. May, 27.-30.  June

Registration is now open. Due to the limited number of places, spots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please note that the modules cannot be booked separately.

This course is suitable for those already working in the fields of therapy, fitness, dance or movement, as well as for career changers with a passion for Pilates and the ability to competently perform the Pilates repertoire on the mat (intermediate level). Previous teaching experience is not required!

Content: A total of 411 hours -120 seminar hours; 30 hours of home-based work and projects; 40 observation hours; 80 participation hours; 100 hours of self-study; 50 practice hours in the studio; 40 teaching hours must be completed before taking the final exam. (Please note that not all of these hours must be completed in Berlin).  All hours must be completed in order to register for the final exam. Certification is dependent on successful completion of the written and practical final exams.

Course fees: 3400€ plus 19% VAT (an option to pay in installments is available)

We provide a mentor-driven environment and an unprecedented opportunity to immerse yourself in the Pilates method and hone your teaching skills. This is not a crash course, but an in-depth exploration of the method and its many facets. The comprehensive course provides an optimal foundation and prepares graduates for many career paths within the Pilates industry, from group classes to personal training, and/or running their own Pilates studios. The certification is recognized by the German Pilates Association and the Pilates Method Alliance.

We are always happy to welcome potential students to the studio by appointment, for a personal interview or to observe the current training.